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Your local contact for Balkan countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia

Diana Jakovljevic


Skype:  diana.jakovljevic

Holland           +31 40 2377544
Saudi Arabia  +966 541024322
Bosnia            +387 (0) 66 738 935
Serbia             +381 (0) 62 8951453
Croatia            +385 (0) 91 576 1392


General contact for Balkan countries: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia

I am there personally for all your questions and support

Rene Otter

Anna van Engelandstraat 17
5616AZ Eindhoven
00-31-  (0)40-2521311

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You can also contact us via skype name:   rene.otter  (Eindhoven, Netherlands, Homeopathy)

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