Latest news

  • Attention: Mac users who want to update to OS Catalina (10.5) should first update to RadarOpus 2.2, then update to Catalina (10.5).
  • All users who purchased up to 1 May 2018 can download and install for free RadarOpus 2.1.
    If you like to update to version 2.2 (including a year free software updates), you can purchase v. 2.2 for only 59 euro. To order v. 2.2 please use the Contact form, or use the Webshop.

  • New users can begin to install the Demo - tryout version
    Download an extensive installation manual here, including update info from the old Radar.

Manuals & Tutorial videos

  • Start learning RadarOpus by viewing these introduction videos (download and save on your desktop)
  • Download the latest Manual with more tutorial videos (version 2.2.16 - 30-9-2020)

Other manuals

About Boenninghausen

  • Introduction to the Boenninghausen method, manual
  • About the Polar analysis, Heiner Frei version, see video
  • The George Dimitriadis: Why a new translation of the Boenninghausen Repertory, coming

A few introduction videos

Below a few introduction videos: But best is to download the user manual and start the intro videos from the manual.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4