The largest homeopathische library

RadarOpus has the largest homeopathic library which has ever been created. There are not only many materia medica titels but also philosophy, therapeutics, cases, journals en other type of reference works. Not only in English literature but also many other languages are available, Spanish, French, German, Portugese, etc.

These reference books are available in "Library packages", individual titles, or bundles of a few titles together.

The RadarOpus reference library offers a rich source of knowledge. The repertory helps only partly when solving cases, and often it is needed to check the original material materia.

For example in the therapeutic titles you can find a wealth of knowledge which can help you when being confronted with similar pathologies. From journals and seminar accounts you can gain a lot of knowledge from cases, materia medica discussions, articles about pathologies and philosophy.

Libraries  (from 21 - 1543 volumes)

The standard libraries contain a mixture of MM titles, Philosophy, Journals, cases.

Download here an overview of the titles in these libraries. The libraries vary from 21 titles to 153 titles.
(soon a new 2020 leaflet will come available)
Attention: The RadarOpus New packages already contain certain Library packages.

Individual titles

Besides the standard Libraries you can add to your RadarOpus package also several individual titles.
Download here the list of AddOn titles.

There are also many titles available in other languages which are not mentioned in these lists, but please contact us if you are interested in languages not mentioned on the AddOn pricelist.


Some titles are available in bundles which are often extra low priced.

Er zijn ook verschillende bundels, meestal met een extra voordeel ten opzichte van dezelfde titels los beschikbaar. Bekijk de AddOn lijst voor een overzicht, zie de AddOn pagina.
Bestellingen kunnen telefonisch of via het Contactformulier worden doorgegeven.


There are also Libraries and individual titles available in several other languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Turkish, Spanish, Chinese.


There are also several Modules available, please visit the AddOn page for more information.
For example, The Vithoulkas Expert System, Heiner Frei Polar symptom analysis, Filip Degroote Energetic remedies pictures, Patricia Hatherly Lacs, Anne Vervarcke Families Finder.

Overview in the Webshop

The Webshop English AddOn items, will show you most of the available items.

if you have any question please contact us via Contact page.