Demo - Tryout version

  • Download and install the demo - tryout version

  • From the Page Manuals, download the manual and start by viewing the introduction videos mentioned at the beginning.

  • The demo shows options and documents in many languages, so it can be a little overwhelming at the beginning. You can always ask for a 15 min skype-webinar introduction and check if all settings are optimal for your country. You can ask via the contact form.

  • RadarOpus is available in several packages:
    See the pricelist of new packages
    - Mini
    - Silver
    - Gold
    - Diamond
    - Research
  • There are also a few specific packages available for:
    - Farmers
    - Midwifes
    - Murphy repertory users


  • There are are also many AddOn items available,  most of them can be added to the main packages Silver, Gold, Diamond.  See the Page AddOn pricelist.

  • If you have any questions please contact your local representative, or write to René Otter via the contact form