Pricelist - Packages for New users

We offer a range of RadarOpus packages from a small Mini package up to a very large Diamond -Research package. To add individual titles or modules see the AddOn page.

Explaining the packages

  • The smallest package contains the original repertory of Kent with one symptom clipboard. Soon it will become possible to add an additional language to have a bilingual Kent repertory.
  • The Core Synthesis package is a version of Synthesis which has been created on request of a school in Australia, and contains the top 149 remedies most commonly used, which are being taught during the first years of the school.
  • During this year a new package will come available for Cattle farmers & Animal lovers. It contains a limited version of Synthesis "The Essential Synthesis", It comes with a selection of MM documents aimed at animals.
  • The package for Midwives contains the full Synthesis and several MM's especially useful for the midwife practice. It contains 1 symptom clipboard.
  • The Murphy package has the Silver functions with 3 symptom clipboards and Murphy repertory edition 3. Keep in mind that you can also add the Murphy repertory as an AddOn to one of the Synthesis packages.
  • The following packages contain the full Synthesis repertory.

 - the Mini Synthesis package with 1 symptom clipboard, with a 41 reference library.
 - the Silver Synthesis package with 3 symptom clipboards, a basic patient file, 61 reference library.
 - the Gold Synthesis package with 6 symptom clipboards, a medium patient file, adding personal additions, basic families functions, Repertory Views, with a great 217 reference library.
- the Diamond Synthesis package, with 12 symptom clipboards, the most professional patient file, all families functions and families repertory, repertory concepts,   Repertory Views, a 17 repertories package, the Boenninghausen repertory & Polar analysis, and a very large 375 reference library.

- the Diamond-Research Synthesis package, contains all of the previous Diamond package plus an amazing amount of 1543 volumes in the reference library. Additionally also many original MM sources in German, with Frans Vermeulen amazing Vinta Vista - founding fathers MM collection..

More information

- For an overview of the titels in the Materia Medica library packaged download this folder.

- You can Add-On many individually available titles , bundles and modules to most of the packages (not the Mini), see the page with AddOn information 
- Also have a look at the page with the getting started tutorials and  the extended manual. 

Demo-tryout version

It is possible to receive a free 30 days demo-tryout version. Please request via the Contact form

Support and Personal training

- If you wish you can receive a free live training via skype or an other webinar system so you will be able to get started quickly. And you can continue to ask any question about the program use.

- If you wish it is possible to request a 1 or 2 hours additional training for a very modest fee. But usually the many additional tutorial videos present in the manual are more than enough.

- RadarOpus also offers the best technical support available. You can always receive text support and additionally to this for a full year you can receive free live tech support. Hereby a technician can take over your computer from a distance and will assist you with any installation issue.quickly.