Update Radar 9, 10, 10.5 to RadarOpus

When you update an older Radar to RadarOpus it will depend largely on which version of the Synthesis repertory you are using. Normally all other options you have in your package (e.g.  VES, Herscu module, Boenninghausen and your MM library) are converted to RadarOpus, with a few exceptions.

Not all titles are still available in RadarOpus, for example an older version of Murphy repertory edition 1 or 2. In RadarOpus only Murphy edition 3 is available.

If you have any doubts about what you exactly have in your old package and what update applies to you, please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact form.

RadarOpus updates: Gold & Diamond

There are a few exceptional packages, but for the average user there are two possible updates which are suitable: the Gold and the Diamond engine.

RadarOpus Gold

The Gold package comes also including an interesting MM Library. It contains the medium patient file, basic families function, 6 symptom clipboards, personal additions to existing rubrics.

RadarOpus Diamond

The Diamond package comes with the update also with an interesting MM Library included. It has the most extended patient file, making advanced personal repertory additions, 12 symptom clipboards, families repertories & repertory concepts. Also the Boenninghausen repertory with Polar analysis and a 17 small repertory package is included. So this is a very inexpensive update because you get so much functionality. For homeopaths with a professional practice this offers the best choice.

  • You can also expand your update with one of the AddOn titels or modules, see the AddOn page.
  • You can select individual titels, modules or you can expand to a larger MM Library

Update Pricelist old Radar to RadarOpus

You can download here the update pricelist

If you have any question or like a personal advise please let us know via the Contact form.