Pitcairn: Veterinary repertory (English)


The Veterinarians Richard Pitcairn & Wendy Jensen, together with over 55 years experience in exclusively homeopathic practices, bring their knowledge of animal conditions and the corresponding most applicable rubrics to this unparalleled reference work.

The Boenninghausen repertory, edited by Boger, was the foundation for the work because of its emphasis on physical conditions and its skillful use of modalities and concomitants that are so necessary in veterinary work.

After editing out the non-applicable material, rubrics especially helpful in animal cases were added or enlarged – primarily from Kent's repertory, but also from other sources including Jahr, Boger, Allen, Hering and Boericke. Extensive cross references were also added to make the discovery of the most similar rubric much easier than ever before.
This work, the first of its type, will greatly enhance every homeopathic veterinarian's satisfaction and success in practice.

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