Boenninghausen bundle: Therapeutic Pocket Book repertory by Allen + Polar Analysis (English) or (Eng+Second Language)


This is a bundle:
1. The C. Von Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book repertory originally translated by Allen, which was edited and corrected by Peter Vint (Germany) based on the original German edition. 
2. And the Polarity Analysis module

You can add it to any Silver, Gold, Diamond or Research package.
Note that from 2019 the New Lutra Diamond and Research packages already contain this repertory with also the Polar Analysis module.

The repertory is available in several translations which can be added to the English version: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese.

There are two very similar titels to consider:

- the Heiner Frei edition of the Boenninghausen Pocketbook repertory, which also has Symptom Polarity Analysis (according to of H. Frei) combined in one bundle.

- There is also a Dimitriadis edition of this repertory. It is called the Boenninghausen Repertory. This repertory does not have a associated polar analysis. This is a very unique edition with a huge amount of corrections and additions, with extended documentation about the original German sources, with notes and explanations coming with most rubrics.