Bundle: 17 "smaller" Repertories (English)


This bundle consist of these repertories, of which the Boger-Boenninghausen repertory is quite large.

  • BHATIA V. R., Miniature Repertory of Remedies in Common Cold: (Original title: Influenza and its Homoeopathic Treatment. Small repertory, First edition 1994
  • BOERICKE William, Repertory
  • BOGER M. – BOENNINGHAUSEN Repertory (English)
  • BOGER M., General Analysis
  • BOGER M., Synoptic Key
  • CHOUDHURY, Hints for Treatment of Cancer
  • CLARKE H., Clinical Repertory
  • DRAKE M., Repertory of warts and condylomata
  • MASTER, Farokh J., Hair loss
  • FOSTER, Toothache and its cure
  • GUERNSEY, Repertory of Haemorrhoids - Repertory part
  • PHATAK , Concise Repertory
  • PULFORD, Repertory of Pneumonia
  • ROBERTS, Sensations As If (Repertory part 1 & 2)
  • SUDARSHANR., Homeopathic Treatment of non-malarial fevers (Repertory)
  • SUKUMARAN, Main Symptoms of Heart Problems (Repertory)
  • WARD J. W., Sensation as if 

All information has been added to the Synthesis repertory, but often it is useful to consult the original sources.
You can take symptoms from of these 17 repertories and combine it in your analysis with Synthesis or Murphy symptoms.

Luc De Schepper prefers to use the Boger-Boenninghausen repertory for cases that needs to be worked out with "The Boenninghausen Method".

The Lutra Diamond and Research packages already come with this 17 "smaller" Repertory Package included.