Brewster W.: "S. Hahnemann - Organon of the Medical Art:" (English)


From Wenda Brewster O'Reilly "Samuel Hahenamnn - Organon of the Medical Art:  edition (2nd ed.)

Based on treating the whole patient rather than isolated symptoms, homeopathy uses minute doses of naturally derived medicine to stimulate the patient's own life force. Physician Samuel Hahnemann's pioneering text Organon of the Medical Art, first published in 1810, remains the foundation for all study in this field. Wenda O'Reilly worked with translator Stephen Decker to produce a version of the book that would preserve Hahnemann's insights while adapting it to the needs of the modern general reader. The book is restructured as a series of chapters and sections, and newly added side notes and footnotes, a contextual glossary, and an index vastly increase the book's usefulness.