Lacs & Matridonals Bundle: 17 titles related to Pregnancy, Females, Lac's (English)


A great bundle consisting of the following 17 titles:

  • Six titles of Patricia Hatherly: (1) Lacs-repertory, (2) Lacs-materia medica, (3) The physiscians guide to lactation, (4) The proving of Lac maternum, (5) The proving of Lac humanum, (6) Hatherly's Milk Matters Newsletters.

Biggs&Gwillim - Placenta humanum, Bakir - Homeopathic Proving of Camel’s Milk, Dam - Proving of Lac elephantis (maximus maximus), Digby - Lac caninum. - Herrick - Animal Mind Provings of Eight New Animal Remedies, Houghton&Halahan - The homeopathic proving of Lac humanum, Le Roux - Lac Caninum -child sexual abuse, Master - Lacs in Homeopathy, Ritzer&Eberle - Placenta proving, Schulz - Lac humanum Proving [v1&2] IJsseldijk – Hom. for Pregnancy, Delivery and Baby [2ed]