Veterinary Materia Medica bundle


The following veterinary MM-titles which are contained in the Farmers-package 2 (coming soon), is also available as an add-on items for existing RadarOpus users contains the following titles:

VETERINAIR: Treatment of beef and dairy cattle - Day C. / Homeopathy in Veterinary Practice - Harndall J. / Homeopathic treatment of Pet Animals - Kansal K. / Dog Diseases - Moore J. / The Pocket Manual of Hom. Veterinary Medicine - Ruddock E. / The Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy - Rush J.

OTHER veterinary relevant titles: Burnett J. - Organ diseases of women* / Fisher C. - Homeopathy in Obstetric emergencies* / Guernsey H. - Application of principles of homeopathy to obstetrics* / Guernsey H. - Homeopathic Domestic Practice. / Guernsey H. – Keynotes to the Materia Medica / Krishna Kumar K. - The woman, female problems and their cure* / Krishnamurty – Accidents & Injuries / Kulkarni V. - Gynecologic and obstetric therapeutics* / Morgan W. - The signs and concomitant derangements of pregnancy* / Ruddock E. - Homeopathic treatment of infants and children / Ruddock E. - The common diseases of women / Yingling W. - The acc. emergency manual* / IJsseldijk R. – Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Delivery and Baby*