Diamond-Research: Synthesis 2009 English + 1543 MMs (English)


An absolute magnificent package for the experienced homeopath. It not only includes the largest English Reference library of 1543 volumes but also includes Frans Vermeulen "Vinta Vista": a library collection of all our founding fathers MM sources. You can further research the symptoms in the original German MM Library.
It further includes of course all options of the Diamond package.


  • 12 Symptom clipboards
  • 9 Analysis methods
  • Symptom intensity (1-10)
  • Advanced patient file with patient research
  • With repertory views/selection of sources
  • Personal additions, create new rubrics
  • Extended families and concepts
    (families repertory and limit/highlight analysis)
  • Boenninghausen Pocketbook repertory & Polar analysis
  • 17 Other Repertory Package & Polar analysis
  • Boenninghausen Pocketbook rep
  • 1543 MM titles
  • Frans Vermeulen Vinta Vista Library
  • German original sources MM package