Ghegas V.: Book volume B

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Book volume A, Paperback, 201 pag.

Vassilis Ghegas was one of early homeopaths working in the homeopathic centre of Vithoulkas. Vassilis gave many seminars in Europe, which have been been put to book by Dr Fons Vanden Berghe.

Essences of Staph, Ign, Nat-c, Nit-ac, Sul-ac, Sil, Ph-ac, Pic-ac, Sep, Mur-ac; Remedies and their characteristic symptoms in seminal emissions nightly, hemorrhoids, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica; Nat-p, Fl-ac, Lac-ac, Acet-ac, Benz-ac; Newborns; Stramonium children.

Note: Please be aware it comes with a very small defect: it comes with additional loose index. sheet. Therefore, a discount is given on this volume.

From seminars 1987 & 1988, Netherlands. 201 pages

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