Ghegas V.: Book volume J


Book volume J, paperback 197 pag.

Essences: Carb-v., Carb-an., Mag-m., Mag-c., Mag-p, Lil-t.,Chin-s., Asar., Kreos., Ferr., Led.

Remedies: Carb-ac., Murx., Cupr., Spong., Verat-v., Aml-n., Tarent-c., Stann., Ther., Phys., Clem., Cur., Tell., Eup-per., Pip-m., Ant-t., Brom. Delusions and homeopathy. The use of small remedies. Obstructed cases. Follow-up on the long term. Dynamics in homeopathy. Philosophical ideas.

A 5-day seminar seminar 1991, Greece. 197 pag.

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