Pasma A.: Practice Makes Perfect (Repertory exercises and explanations)


Hardcover, 512 pag.

For 30 year the teacher Arjen Pasma tought at several homeopathic colleges in Europe, where he trained students in the use of repertory. The book contains 42 series of excersises. Also for non native English speaking students this book is excellent to learn the English repertory.
The book is curently being used at many homeopathic colleges, but can also be used for self study.

The book can still be used for Kent's repertory, but is especially suited for both the full Synthesis book, and the Essential synthesis book.

Besides the exercises the book comes with a chapter which explains you the hole structure and background of the repertory.
After you have gone though all the exercises you will have become a super efficient and fast user of the repertory.

In this pdf you can read more and find a few free video links where Arjen Pasma teaches a few homeopathic basics: Download pdf