Update naar RadarOpus 2.2

On this page only the Update for existing RadarOpus users to version 2.2
For other available English AddOn items please see the English AddOn shop.
For other language items please see that shop page.

Existing user who have purchased RadarOpus before April 2018 can update to version 2.2 including a whole year free software updates, free technical live support, freenotes, Synthesis Logfile updates for only 59 euro.

Version 2.2

- Improved Repertory views (e.g. Vithoulkas View)
- Some functions are up to 40% faster, with a faster startup
- Fully GDPR/HIPPA compliant
- Freenotes en Synthesis addities logfiles
- Many new AddOn options available, e.g. Anne Vervarcke's Family Finder, Filip Degroote Energetig Remedy Pictures and Energetic repertory.